• WOW them

    A bland website impresses no-one. WOW them and they will tell their friends. Get your WOW here...

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  • Web Hosting

    A great site is only a great site when it's hosted on a reliable server with fast issue resolution response times.

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  • What's in a 'domain name'?

    Significant free organic search traffic if you pick the right one. Hey this domain may not be available right now - doesn't mean it's out of reach...

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Welcome to Potent Group Media

Online solutions for 2012. Make your mark online this year with media that's current, inviting and converts into sales! Simple online brochure through to ecommerce trading - it's within your grasp.

The services below are our daily diet. You contract us and we engage your client base. Please read on to understand how we can help your business prosper online.

  • Websites

    Simple online brochure through to ecommerce trading - it's within your grasp » more

    Domain Names

    Domain registration, domain catching, purchase negotiation and keyword strategy » more

  • Advertising

    Reach targeted converting traffic with Google and Facebook advertising campaigns » more

    Social Media

    Engage with your clients & keep them up to date via the essential social networks » more

  • Hosting

    Host your website and email with the highest quality in support & reliability » more

    Email Newsletters

    Converse with & convert your client list with professional email newsletter solutions » more

  • Custom eCommerce

    Need a bespoke ecommerce booking system for your online business? » more

    Vector Graphics

    Business cards, logos, event maps, flyers & other custom graphics on demand » more

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